EMR and speech-to-text editing.

This Transcriptionist Makes $150,000 Per Year…

Many companies have tried to switch to speech recognition or speech-to-text transcription software, only to find that they aren’t quite as accurate as advertised. All text needs to be reviewed and corrected.

This is especially apparent in the healthcare industry where a combination of highly-technical terminology, accented speakers, poor dictation techniques, and other factors has resulted in mistake-riddled transcripts.

What health networks are finding is that their own doctors are spending too much time re-typing EMR entries, notes, and referrals. Although the company may save some money by eliminating “transcription” costs, they are invariably losing thousands more in other areas – like the time it takes their $150,000-per-year physicians to hunt-and-peck their way through EMRs.

Dictation is still the most efficient way for doctors to record their notes.

…and using a professional transcriptionist to convert those notes into written words is still the most efficient way to accurately file them. At Elite Office Solutions, our medical clients receive:

  • The same team of transcriptionists working with each doctor, so they get to know their preferences and manner of speaking
  • Transcriptionists well-versed in medical terminology, including specialized medicine
  • Full support of our Quality Assurance Managers who respond quickly to any questions, and who are available to transcriptionists who have questions about the dictations they are transcribing
  • 98% accuracy rate and fast turnaround time
  • Full EMR integration, including Discrete, Reportable Transcription (DRT)
  • Auto-faxing, auto-printing, other advanced options to make document management easier

Plus, our transcriptionists can pick up on things you didn’t say. Unlike computer software, our transcriptionists can sometimes notice mistakes like mispronunciations of certain drugs or inconsistencies, and bring them to your attention.

You can even save up to 40% on your medical transcription costs with our advanced software system that fully integrates with your current EMR system. We’ll install it and train your staff.

Transcription For All Industries

The medical industry is not the only industry where accuracy counts. Elite Office Solutions provides transcription and office support for all industries including:

…and others. All with the same personalized service and secure data transfer. Most importantly, all work is completed in the United States – not offshored to foreign countries – where our privacy and data security laws apply.

Cost savings, accurate transcription, and no more hunting-and-pecking corrections. Elite Office Solutions transcription and office support services really are the most cost-effective method of maintaining your information systems.

Contact us for a free consultation, and find out how we can create a more efficient dictation/transcription system for you.